Living in Beauty ॐ Online Training



A complete Process of Clarity and Self Consciousness that leads you to Love Life and
and to live Consciously.

To attain that natural joy we all long for, you must know yourself, your mind, your true nature and that of Life.

Through my quest, learning, practice, timeless teachings, research and inner experience I realized the keys to developing my own system of spiritual work, for the mind and the soul.
Based in what I transmit in the book A VISION OF BEAUTY, it is a simple and powerful process that anyone can do in trying to be at peace and enjoy a crystalline and pure consciousness, and to become

✰ LIVING IN BEAUTY ≈ Clarity Coach and/or Facilitator

Dedicated to those who wish to celebrate joyfully the miracle of being alive.
The Process facilitates individual quests and evolution and group searches.
Health professionals, therapists, spiritual councilors and anyone working with people will find my program and training of particular value for deepening the insight into Human Nature and enhancing the quality of their work.

The Process brings together:
➱ The understanding of the dynamics of the emotional mind
➱ Reconciliation with our parents, with our past
➱ The Steps to be followed to dis-identify with the mind.
➱ The recognition of our true Nature

In order to:
☞ Release mental identification and live in peace
☞ Dissolve the illusory feeling of separation with Existence
☞ Harmonize relationships
☞ Live fully in the Present
☞ Live inspired by Intuitive Consciousness, the voice of the Soul
☞ Embrace Life as it is and Love ourselves as we are.
☞ Love Life Unconditionally

Which leads you to:
Self knowledge
Live with optimism
Get rid of false disturbances caused by the mind
Go from grief to peace in a short time, in genuine painful situations
Love and enjoy your living as it is
Understand yourself and others
Enjoy people as much as your family and friends
Have a good time at work and with excellent results
Surrender to all that is Natural
Experience the meaning of Conscious living in Beauty

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