If we look into facts, even if within each person is the ability to reach inside themselves and find the answers to their quests, when doubt and confusion prevail, or when we are lost in suffering, not many people can meet and overcome by themselves the true cause of their suffering and get out of it solving their personal and professional life, their relationships and find peace of mind.

Sometimes it is not easy to reach understanding and to stay fully aware and find wholeness, getting rid of self-doubt, self-sabotage, anxiety, grief, sadness, doubts, stress, unease, addictions.

All pains have a common emotional root: fear, which is produced by the trans-generational and cultural heritage that permeates the mind of false beliefs.

Most therapies only change some behaviors or give you a relax and you work things out for a while; but then you see yourself involved again in the repetitive circle of painful emotions that cause unhappyness and  from which you do not know how to get out. Feeling Life passes by and you are unable to enjoy it fully, with and open heart full of Love, Peace and Beauty.

There is a profound understanding about the inner mechanisms of the human being that I’ve been investigating throughout my life, that leads to an intimate understanding of your true Nature.

What I try to transmit you is pure clarity. If you see clear, there’s no doubt and you certainly do not get affected by fears and can live a full life, with satisfying relationships and a healthy economy.

The process of Spiritual Therapy for mind and soul in peace,  aims to alleviate the emotional mind of the pain and darkness and leads you to stop being affected by it.

Once you are awake and Conscious of your true Nature and the Nature of Life, you no longer feel alone, separated from the rest of the world, from the Source of all Life. Unburdened from stress, conlict and pain. Feeling unified and united with all that exists. In peace and guided by love.

If you have read the book A VISION OF BEAUTY and wish to schedule your sessions, please, fell welcome to contact us and you’ll have a free session to get in touch with me and arrange your personalized Spiritual Therapy, a Process to Clarity.