Your Heart contribution to the work of Kalá del Sol allows her Vision of Clarity, Peace and Love of Life to reach a wider Community in the world.

Those with limited financial means, will benefit of your support and will have the opportunity to attend weekends retreats, receive the book A VISION OF BEAUTY, and/or have private sessions.

We have Solidary Projects underway:


A foundation designed for women.

Primarily women who raise their children alone.

To give spiritual and psychological support and orientate them to develop their skills towards a financial health.

Children are the future of humanity and the only way to keep them radiant and pure is the love and maternity care. That’s why mothers have to be at peace to fulfill their mission.

The purpose of the Foundation ‘LIVING IN BEAUTY’  will be allowing both mothers and children to live an easy life to flow in the Love of Life.

The Foundation is nonprofit and is fed by donations. Thank you for participating … Blessings … ·: · ૐ ·: ·

We invite all of you whose sensitivity feels inspired and resonates with Kala’s transmition of Clarity of Consciousness and the Project to contact us.

Our gratitude for your generosity