ABOUT the Book




About the Book

Is it me that is writing?…
Or is it breath in its air and movement emerging through my fingers,
like a marionette guided by an immense will
which expands and bestows…
Maybe I’m forgetting the word ‘I’ when writing…
as for me is a melody within who we are…
A gift…
A form within the magnificent and beautiful form that is Life

The inspiration that guides me goes flying off to vibrate in other beings…
to travel through other lives…

The most precious art of living is that which arises from Clarity of Consciousness and leads you to flow in the wellspring of Beauty and Love Life without conditions. And this is what I want to radiate from soul to soul to those who come close to my words.

My message is a call to Humanity to build together a world where at last it will be possible to live in Peace, united by Love. That’s why the book isn’t about the ‘beyond’‚ or about attaining something very distant and impossible, it is about what happens inside us, about Life just as it is, about what is possible to clarify so as to live in peace and harmony. Knowing that to make this shift to Love without conditions, we must start within ourselves.

In writing this book, I have drawn on what has served me in the process of addressing my concerns as a ‘sufferer’. The truths that I’ve found through my experience in my own quest. I’m inspired by Life and my Essence as a woman, which merges the mind with the Heart and invokes the feminine in the masculine soul.
This work is my contribution towards the luminous world that we all long for and in which we wish to live.

Clarity of understanding is expressed with simplicity. For this reason I have utilized simple and straightforward expressions, so that my message can be clearly understood.
The whole book leads us in the Process to Clarity.

❚ ❚ ❚

There are seven main topics:


It reveals who we truly Are, Cosmic beings and a part of the totality of the Universe.


To clarify how our inner world works and how it leads our relationships.


About how we are influenced by false beliefs and the fear and helplessness that produces the idea of being separated.


Contains simple pointers for a Life in plenitude.


We explore the way the emotional mind works to understand how it leads us to suffering.


It guides us to a full understanding of the mechanisms of identification with the emotional mind, in order to relieve the pain and darkness it causes. It includes THE STEPS, an essential part of the process that l formulate to stop identifying with the mind, to detect the unwanted painful thoughts and avoid being affected by them. Allowing us to live at peace.


These are the vibrant expression of how I live Life, what it means to me. And although it is how l feel it, I also affirm that what I’m transmitting is a Universal Truth, which has been told, is being told, and will continue to be told…

❚ ❚ ❚

The approach is based on experience and comes from a psychological, spiritual and natural integration as well as calling on metaphorical evocation and beauty, to widen the horizon of reflection and understanding in those who feel the call to live as Conscious Beings.

This book doesn’t fit in the classic forms of literary development; instead it’s spontaneous, intuitive and improvised. It wasn’t written in response to a plan or a predetermined structure.

I point out a way to experience a movement of Consciousness,
of the emotional mind towards Presence,
towards being guided by the Intuition of the Soul.
From past and future time, to the Eternal Present.
So that you live it from within, as a vital experience, and perceive the significance of Clarity. A space that brings about a shift in your Vision of things, a state of serenity and the answers of your own quest.

In my words I reflect the Vision of Beauty with which I feel and see what surrounds us, the passion for living every moment intensely, our communion with Nature, and the Unconditional Love of Life that vibrates in me and that I want to reflect in you as a mirror of Clarity.

Everything is in you…You only need to see it, recognize it…, and simply be what you already Are…Embracing what happens and loving who we are, with total devotion.

Kalá del Sol