It’s a pleasure to enjoy the Journey together and I look forward to our continued connection.
I share with you my Vision of Life, Clarity, Love and Beauty.

When your Heart opens to Love for Life without conditions you become Conscious of the miracle of living and aware of the lasting bliss of your true Nature.

To live in the Clarity of Consciousness is all we’re longing for…


                                 Kalá del Sol



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This is the direct link –  In English   http://bit.ly/Kz1S9g  (paper back and kindle)

In  Spanish  Una Visión de Belleza  http://bit.ly/KiKBkO   (paperback and kindle)

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ૐૐ ૐ  If you feel the call, please watch my videos in YouTube, my Chanel…

http://youtu.be/pFrMrLxtDs8   Part I- What is A Vison of Beauty- About living Consciously — Interview

http://youtu.be/0AZC0ICdIag   Part II – How do you feel being a Guru? – Interview

http://youtu.be/M-mmOxZ2tCs    Part III – How did you become an expert on the field of Spirituality 

http://youtu.be/0rqrwDxx7iM     Part IV – What made you write the book A Vision of Beauty Why should l read it?

ૐૐૐ  In my website you can find:

* The possibility of taking Psychotherapy Sessions and Spiritual Counseling online. A self- knowledge and self-healing Process of Clarity towards Consciousness, by phone or Skype from the comfort of your home (see Phone Sessions)

* Therapy sessions for the mind and the soul, in person if you’re in Ibiza  (see more)

* Participate in Meditation Retreats, Workshops (see) ✰Living in Beauty ≈Moving to Clarity of Consciousness and a mind in peace